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For the person who needs moving help the big guys won’t help with…

Finally, A Moving Company In Vancouver Were You Can Request The “Must Have” Moving Help To Get The Job Done At An Affordable Price…Guaranteed!!!

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Dear Home Mover,

Are you frustrated trying to find good help for your move?

Our customers have been asking for custom services… and we have responded!

Good Movers Express is your personal custom order residential and commercial moving company.

We specialize in small moves, local moves and more with a level of class and professionalism that can’t be compared.

Our Moving Service is Custom Tailored to Suit Your Moving Needs.

With our moving service you can schedule:

  • 2 strong movers no truck: If you have your own truck and just need a helping hand, no problem. Our guys are available at a lower rate for skilled experienced packing, loading and or unloading your truck or pod.
  • 1 strong mover and small truck: If you just have a small move or just a few large pieces of furniture to move, you will save money by being the second mover yourself.
  • New furniture assembly: Bought some new IKEA or other furniture that requires assembly? No problem, you can hire one technically capable worker and get your furniture assembled in short order and according to product instructions.
  • Regular home moving: Our full moving services are also available to you if needed for larger moves.
  • Special requests: If you need help moving and other companies will not help, give us a call.

We are the “Express Movers” because:

1. Availability – We have multiple teams and trucks ready for dispatch to your home

2. Phone Service – On the ground support when you need it. Our fast booking service is open from 6 am to 12 pm

3. Short Notice – Within 2 hours of dispatch your movers arrive at your place to begin your move

4. Fast, Careful and Experienced Movers – Our teams arrive prepared for work to complete your move in good time… which saves you money!

Call Good Movers Express in Vancouver – Your Trusted Custom Local Movers

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Movers Vancouver

We are the most trusted name in the business, fully licensed to perform residential moving services in Vancouver. We also offer comprehensive, safe, and hassle-free relocation services for industry leading companies, government offices, hospitals, research facilities, warehouse facilities, libraries, and museums.

We’ve become the “Vancouver Movers of Choice” for thousands of families and companies because of our quality service, ethical business practices, and ability to provide customers with a positive moving experience.

Since opening our doors, we’ve built a solid reputation of caring for things you care about most. Staying true to this tradition has been good for our customers and good for our business.

We have proudly moved celebrities, business leaders, politicians, corporations, real estate professionals, auction houses, television personalities, as well as thousands of families just like yours.

Planning ahead? A free estimate is your best tool to review the total cost of your move. Whether you are moving from a house or apartment, across the street or across the country, our relocation experts will visit you at your home and calculate potential costs involved in moving your belongings.

It is our commitment to customer satisfaction that makes us the premier moving company, with over 85% of our customers coming from referrals and repeat business.

Whatever you need, just contact us.

Call Good Movers Express in Greater Vancouver – Your Trusted Local Movers

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Moving Assistance

Moving Tips - Pack it Up Without Wanting to Pack it In

Sometimes it so happens that the charges of moving companies can not be afforded due to low budget moving. In such a circumstance, many people decide to undertake a Self Service Moving. In such a moving, they themselves do some works related to moving and hire a moving company or a truck rental to do the rest of the works. In one of such cases, the movers can decide to pack the household goods themselves and hire a truck rental to move to their destination. However, they might not be able to load/unload truck due to various reasons (health considerations, larger furniture etc.). In such a situation, they can avail the facility of hiring workers to help with loading and unloading.

Moving Labor Services- Some Tips

If you are about to hire a labor company, see that it has been certified by the Association Of American Moving Labor or the American Moving Labor Professionals Association or some other such responsible associations. Such a company meets certain standards and has proven that they have proper insurance, licensing and credentials.

If hiring a moving labor from Craiglist, ensure from your insurance company about the insurance provisions regarding this.

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Independent Moving Company

Relocation Tip - How To Get Free Moving Quotes

Here are 10 tips to make sure your next move goes smoothly.

1. Pick a moving company that runs a regular crew. Small moving companies often use day laborers who are inexperienced when it comes to moving household goods.

2. If you obtain an hourly quote, make sure to find out about maximum and minimum charges.

3. Always get in-person, written estimates. Your moving quote will be more accurate if the company representative can see your actual possessions.

4. Make sure that your moving company doesn't subcontract the move. Do not go through with the deal if your mover arrives in an unmarked truck. Fly-by-night subcontractors often use unmarked vehicles.

10. Consider using a service like http://www.upack.com. They will deliver a trailer or cube to your home. You have up to three business days to load your goods. A driver picks up your belongings and drives them to your new residence. All transportation and fuel costs are included in your moving quote. The price is based on the amount of space or number of cubes used. You pack, they drive, and it costs a lot less than a full-service move!

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You Pack We Move

Moving Tips - 5 Money Saving Moving Tips

Moving can be an exciting but stressful event in anyone's life. It could just be a move to that posh loft you were on the waiting list for within the city you already reside in. Or, maybe you are moving away from home for the first time to your college dorm or first rental apartment. Then again, maybe you have finally grown tired of winters where you live and are hitting the road to a place where the weather is sunny and warm all year long. Whatever the reason, you will have to think about planning and carrying out the big move.

It is important to think about the options you have available to you when it comes to making that move. It also means, in addition to looking for and securing affordable moving services, you need to be organized and plan ahead. A rushed and disorganized move can be much more hassle and a greater burden than necessary.

Choosing Affordable Moving Services

Now, all you have to do is get an idea of which movers to hire. One thing you will want to watch for is to make sure the company is licensed and insured. Get a free quote, especially from a service that offers your multiple rates to compare which of the affordable moving services is for you. That will make finding your affordable moving services so much easier.

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